Tuesday, 18 April 2017

"By the Solstar Order!"

I've had a bit of a comic renaissance over the past couple of years. I started getting Howard the Duck primarily for the ridiculousness of it and also to sort of promote one of the weirdest Marvel characters. I also started reading a comic called Age of Reptiles by Ricardo Delgado which, of course, was about dinosaurs.

I lost interest in Howard after issue 8 I think and Age of Reptiles was only a short run. I thought that was the end of my comic-buying. Then I happened upon the cover for issue 1 of Rom Spaceknight...I know, I had never heard of it too.

Turns out this is about a space-travelling crusader trying to stamp out these aliens called dire wraiths. It's not all that bad. Imagine a sort of extremely noble medievalish iron man fighting horde after horde of blobby Thing creatures that can masquerade as humans. He's got a pretty weird history and has teamed up with the X Men and Transformers over the years,  io9 did quite a good article on him a while back.

Anyway, I got a bit inspired so here's some shameless fanart of Rom doing battle with some dire wraiths.

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