Sunday, 10 April 2016

Triassic to early Jurassic

A bunch of dino drawings, not much to say about that. I started with the massospondylus in the middle and it ended up being a page with equally earlier ones. It's quite interesting (to me I suppose) to note that they have a fairly basic body plan this early on. No big crests and horns and stuff.

Clockwise from left:

Heterodontosaurus: A sort of ugly warthog-style one with weird tusks.

Liliensternus: I think some precursor to the dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park. Seems to have a similar double head crest like him.

Eoraptor: Not like an actual velociraptor style raptor, those guys won't turn up until the Cretaceous. They've named a lot of different things 'raptor'.

Coelophysis: A poster dino for the Triassic period. They've been found with their own young inside fossilized inside their stomachs...times must've got lean.

Scelidosaurus: A sort of dino pig-sheep thing. The palaeontologist from the stegosaurus lecture I went to said that stegosaurus probably evolved from this one.

Lesothosaurus: A sort of dino deer. I've thought for a while that most dinosaurs weren't all that pretty to look at, all spikes and scales. Maybe with some strange whisker/feathers as well.

Massospondylus: The one in the middle. A precursor to the big long-necked sauropods of the Jurassic. They didn't have the big elephant-like legs and long claws on their front feet.