Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I seem to have had knowledge of the Sutton Hoo mask from a very early age. Maybe there was a documentary I saw or something I found in a book, however I came by it it's always fascinated me. The eye sockets in the helmet seem to evoke the time period, or the soul of the person who wore it all those years ago.

In 2012 me and my lovely lady went to the Sutton Hoo site. We were both interested in going (she did English at university, particularly old English) and found the place absolutely fascinating. It's essentially a hill (called a barrow) with an old king buried inside it including everything that was left to him. The ravages of time have rotted all of the organic material, but the metal pieces (like brooches and sword blades) have survived. All that's left now is educated guesses and a bit of imagination. 

A lot of people believe that he tomb belongs to a mysterious king of East Anglia called Raedwald. He was a pretty major figure and it's a pretty impressive tomb so it very well could be him. I've felt like drawing the guy for ages so here he all his mysteriousness.