Wednesday, 22 February 2017


I wouldn't put something up here as small as this, but it's been a while since I posted anything on here. Gotta keep up with the posts!

My lovely lady has a 4  year old nephew and he's broken his arm, it's in a big cast and everything. She asked me to put a dino in his get well card, thought I'd get out the watercolours for it. Been a little while. I was hampered a bit by the fact that it was embossed on the other side with construction vehicles.

Anyway, thought I'd make it a T Rex with a tiny broken arm.

Tyrannosaurus Velociraptor Fracture eustreptospondylus

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I seem to have had knowledge of the Sutton Hoo mask from a very early age. Maybe there was a documentary I saw or something I found in a book, however I came by it it's always fascinated me. The eye sockets in the helmet seem to evoke the time period, or the soul of the person who wore it all those years ago.

In 2012 me and my lovely lady went to the Sutton Hoo site. We were both interested in going (she did English at university, particularly old English) and found the place absolutely fascinating. It's essentially a hill (called a barrow) with an old king buried inside it including everything that was left to him. The ravages of time have rotted all of the organic material, but the metal pieces (like brooches and sword blades) have survived. All that's left now is educated guesses and a bit of imagination. 

A lot of people believe that he tomb belongs to a mysterious king of East Anglia called Raedwald. He was a pretty major figure and it's a pretty impressive tomb so it very well could be him. I've felt like drawing the guy for ages so here he all his mysteriousness.

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Well, this was bound to happen! I don't watch a large amount of TV, lots of series tend to get bogged down in soap opera shenanigans...dull as dishwater.

Stranger Things on the other hand is only 8 episodes and things actually happen in it. Thumbs up from me. Liked it so much I felt compelled to do something I usually frown upon...fanart. In the style of my prehistoric stuff.

Not going to explain what this is. Watch the show if you don't it now!

Stranger Things Demogorgon Eleven Dustin Netflix Dungeons Dragons

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Early to middle Jurassic

Thought I'd do another one of these dino collections. I did all early ones last time, Triassic to early Jurassic. These ones are from the early to middle Jurassic. Things are still kinda similar except that the big meat eaters are starting to appear and the long-necked sauropods are losing their clawed feet and becoming bigger.

1. Pisanosaurus: A sort of dino gazelle, thought I'd do him leaping about. Some of  the later ones have these big quills on the backs of their tails, thought I'd put some on this one.

2. Abrosaurus: Big and lumbering, though nowhere near as big as they were going to get. Thought I'd do a study of the face, get a look at their weird peg teeth.

3. Eustreptospondylus: An example of a large theropod dinosaur. Not quite up there with the biggest ones yet. For some reason I just love the name. It was also discovered in the UK, near Oxford.

4. Dilophosaurus: Ahh, the old classic! Been obsessed with this guy since I first heard about him from Jurassic Park. There's no evidence whatsoever that they had a big frill or spat venom. That weird crest is a mystery.

5. Scutellosaurus: A sort of companion study with scelidosaurus from the first one. Armoured and agile. Another one that might've evolved into stegosaurus.

Abrosaurus Pisanosaurus Eustreptospondylus Scutellosaurus Dilophosaurus

Also thinking I might take these to MCM Comic Con in October so I've sort of standardized the info a bit. Also some line drawings for a bit more clarity.