Sunday, 21 August 2016

Early to middle Jurassic

Thought I'd do another one of these dino collections. I did all early ones last time, Triassic to early Jurassic. These ones are from the early to middle Jurassic. Things are still kinda similar except that the big meat eaters are starting to appear and the long-necked sauropods are losing their clawed feet and becoming bigger.

1. Pisanosaurus: A sort of dino gazelle, thought I'd do him leaping about. Some of  the later ones have these big quills on the backs of their tails, thought I'd put some on this one.

2. Abrosaurus: Big and lumbering, though nowhere near as big as they were going to get. Thought I'd do a study of the face, get a look at their weird peg teeth.

3. Eustreptospondylus: An example of a large theropod dinosaur. Not quite up there with the biggest ones yet. For some reason I just love the name. It was also discovered in the UK, near Oxford.

4. Dilophosaurus: Ahh, the old classic! Been obsessed with this guy since I first heard about him from Jurassic Park. There's no evidence whatsoever that they had a big frill or spat venom. That weird crest is a mystery.

5. Scutellosaurus: A sort of companion study with scelidosaurus from the first one. Armoured and agile. Another one that might've evolved into stegosaurus.

Abrosaurus Pisanosaurus Eustreptospondylus Scutellosaurus Dilophosaurus

Also thinking I might take these to MCM Comic Con in October so I've sort of standardized the info a bit. Also some line drawings for a bit more clarity.

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