Friday, 3 June 2016


Quite a milestone post, this one. I've posted my separate dinos and stuff, but never had what I would call a 'line of merchandise' until now. I've been going to the MCM Comic Con in London's Excel Centre for 4 years now twice a year (on and off) and I started going with some short comics that I used to do about some cavemen that didn't sell too well. Gradually the dinos and other prehistoric stuff took the place of those and other random artwork over the years until now. I've got 3 epochs of time of extinct animals and a whole new 'sciencey' thing, planets! The idea for that was mostly inspired by a soft toy line called Celestial Buddies which do the same thing. However I extended it to all the spherical bodies in the solar system as well and added a lot of influence from Gustav Holst's Planets Suite.

I took these to the MCM this May and made more money than I've ever made before by an enormous margin. Don't quite know how to react!

Allosaurus Brachiosaurus Corythosaurus Dimorphodon Elasmosaurus Fabrosaurus Giganotosaurus Harpymimus Iguanadon Janenschia Kentrosaurus Leptoceratops Mixosaurus Nodosaurus Oviraptor Parasaurolophus Quetzalcoatlus Riojasaurus Stegosaurus Tyrannosaurus Utahraptor Vulcanodon Wuerhosaurus Xiaosaurus Yaguarasaurus Zuniceratops Indominus alphabet dinosaur
Dinosaur Alphabet

dinosaurs indominus velociraptor
Solar System

dinosaurs indominus velociraptor
Holst's Solar System

dinosaurs indominus velociraptor
Solar System in a line

I had planned to open an Etsy store with what I had left, but I pretty much sold out of everything. Guess I'll need to get more stuff printed! More on that later I suppose...look me up as my name or Mablox.

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