Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Gandalf the charcoal grey

I am a big fan of the Lego video games, I played Lego Lord of the Rings for over a year. There are so many things to unlock which unlock other things. I'm afraid the price tag for most games (for me) demands that I get the most value out of them so I play them for ages. I recently got Lego Hobbit, which has given me a whole other massive world to wander about in. Whenever Lego Gandalf pops up in a cutscene they play his theme from An Unexpected Journey and it sort of got in my head. All of this culminated in this, my first foray into charcoal in years. The quality of it seemed to suit the wise old Istari. There's a bit of Ian Mckellen in there, but he also ended up looking a bit Leonardo Da Vinci...I think it's the hair. You'll also notice the hand change halfway through, my lovely lady posed for me (with a pen taking the place of the pipe...I don't nor do I know anyone that owns a pipe).

Gandalf mithrandir ian mckellen

Gandalf mithrandir ian mckellen

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